Using audio as a learning tool in your training course can be  very effective. Pairing audio and visuals in your training course can be more impactful where it can appeal to learners’ sensory preferences. This audio feature is called the Auto reader Pretty Polly) on the Initiafy platform  - it can be found in your Course Editor.

How does this work?

The Auto-reader reads the content aloud on each slide in your course training for the learner to hear. We have also enhanced the functionality of this feature, which provides an upgraded and less robotic sound. Your audio will be more amplified and well pronounced.

 Here are the instructions to enable your course audio:

  1. Go to your Course Editor.


  2. To the right of the screen, select the ‘Audio’ button.


  3. Check the box  ‘Use Slide Auto Reader?’

  4. Select a ‘Language’ of your choice.

  5. Select the voice that you want to read your slides aloud.

  6. In the ‘Preview’ box you can type words/phrases and click ‘Play’ to listen to the audio in different languages.


What are the benefits of the Auto-reader?

  • Moved to a new Voices Model – more personalized voices with real names.
  • The ability to quickly update pronunciation upon request. We will simply add it to a list and upload to our Amazon Service. 
  • The ability to test out different voices in one place so you don’t have to test each slide individually.
  • Made some minor adjustments to the slide editor. For example: previously, if you had opened a slide for editing and played the audio – then made a change and pressed ‘Play again’ – you would get the old audio. Now you will be able to regenerate the audio for that slide.


Why use the Auto Reader?

  • Applying video and audio ultimately enhances the quality of your training courses.
  • This will allow your users to have the ultimate learning experience making the training course more inciteful and impactful.


Slide Delay

The slide delay has also been introduced to work in conjunction with the Auto-reader. This allows admins to delay slides so that users wait until the audio has read each slide before progressing to the next slide.

 Here are the instructions to enable the Slide Delay:

  1. Go to your Course Editor.


  2. To the right of the screen select the ‘Audio’ button.


  3. On the ‘Audio Options’ screen,  make a selection in the drop-down menu next to ‘Delay before Next arrow enabled’.

  4. Select the percentage of audio length you want to enable for all slides.


What are the benefits of using slide delays? 

  • The ability to set the Slide Delay on a slide to a default value (5 seconds) or to a percentage for the length of the audio file embedded in the slide.
  • Users do not need to click the ‘Play’ button when taking a course because audio will now automatically play on any slide.

Why use the Slide Delay?

  • Ensure reader are going through each slide before they can progress to the next slide.
  • Give the admin more control over their training courses – almost a certainty that users will have to go through the entire content on each slide.

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