Enhanced Auditing

Initiafy Enhanced Auditing

We have upgraded the Auditing feature on the Initiafy platform called ‘Logging’. Logging shows all the changes that have been made on the platform by all users-Learners, Admins, Managers and Contractor Managers.  These changes may include:

  • Course Edits
  • Course Assignments
  • Company Setting Updates
  • Document Uploads
  • User Profile Updates, etc

Every action that occurs on the platform it is now logged to our new audit database and can be viewed in REAL TIME in the Logging section of the platform.

Here are the  instructions on how to enable logging:

  1.   Go to Company Settings > Logging


  2.   Click the “On / Off” button top left of the “Search Changes” panel. Set it to “On” - the button will turn blue.

  3.   Select Change Type -  ‘Added’, ‘Deleted’ or ‘Modified’ or ‘Any Change Type’.
  4.   Click the question mark icon on the right of each row to get details for the changes made.


  5.   This will show the details for changes made for the Object name (action item). For example, in the screenshot below, it shows the details for a user who has just uploaded a document.


What are the benefit of using Logging?

  • It shows the details of Object Name (action item), the user who made the change, and whether the action item was deleted, added or modified.
  • Information can be viewed in REAL TIME.


Why use Logging?

  • It tracks any change made on the platform, for example, your Course edits, Company setting updates, User profile updates, Documents uploads and so on.
  • It identifies specific users (Admins, Managers, Contractor Admins) who are making changes on the platform.


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