How can I get users to sign up for my company?

There are two ways users get started on the Initiafy platform:
1. Pre-Registration
2. Self-Registration

Adding users through Pre-Registration

This is where an administrator or manager has manually added the learner's details, and an email
is sent directly to user’s inbox with a username and password. This method is best reserved for internal employees of the company, since the user proceeds directly to their profile without answering additional registration questions.


  1. From the Company Dashboard, click on Users.
  2. Click on the Pre-registration tab.add-user-box.jpg
  3. Under Add User, enter the user's first name, last name, email, the two additional fields custom to your company (in image above, Locations and Role), and User Type. For a user who will only be taking courses, add user as a Learner. Once all the field are filled, click Add.
  4. The user will receive an email with their login details.


Adding users through Self-Registration

This is where the administrator creates a Company Code, which can be sent to learners so they can complete registration on their own. This method allows you to collect additional information and documents from workers through custom fields added to the registration page.


  1. In order to allow users to self-register, a contractor company must be added first. From the Company Dashboard, click on Users.
  2. Click on the Companies tab. add-contractor-box.jpg
  3. Under Add Contractor, enter the name of the company you'd want to create a Company Code for, the full name of a designated contact person at that company, their email address, and a unique Company Code, and click Add.
    1. The Company Code should be ideally be something easy to type in, but unique. Example: If the name of the contractor is Acme Contracting Services, a good possible code could be ACS17123.
  4. The contact person you've assigned will receive an email with their Company Code, which they can then give to their workers.
  5. From this point, workers can go to to register on the left side of the screen using the Company Code provided to them. regss1.jpg
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